Monday 24 November 2014

TWG025| barbeque - transient portals

Today TWG closes it's doors. Seeing us off, piggy legend barbeque is releasing his latest with us, a mesh of chilled footwork, tinges of acid and a whole lot of ambient leanings; a release as kinetically moving as it is emotionally so. 

Featuring chilled vaporware-by-R&B footwork cuts like 'c-a n..a d..i a_n __d..r..u-g s_t-o-r e-', sampled vox-heavy tracks like the near vocaloid 'i want to hold u but i can't', and pieces more in line with his older output ('indie.fuckboy'), 'transient portals' is eight tracks of eclectic perfection, taking a single overarching genre and fucking it every way possible. 'transient portals' takes barbeque's recorded outputs to a new level, being easily his most condensed and realised release to date, ambition realised.

We couldn't be more happy at TWG HQ to be closing on a release so strong, so in line with what were about and so well crafted. And so, with a mixture of sadness and content, we say goodbye. Thanks to everyone for listening, reading and engaging with TWG over the years ( a bigger thanks to artists is forthcoming ). The Bandcamp and Blog will remain live indefinitely so don't worry about losing releases or w/e, PEACE ~ x

Grab the release here.
Preorder of cassette edition here.

01. cheap_tobacco
02. pig spear~
03. c-a n..a d..i a_n __d..r..u-g s_t-o-r e-
04. i want to hold u but i can't
05. indie.fuckboy
06. b safe, gurl (ft. shoujo kiss)
07. slow__hi
08. transient portals*

Friday 17 October 2014

TWG024| spaceaser - MMXIV

For our penultimate release, we bring you a retrospective compilation of the recently deceased spaceaser, a 15 track (and 2 bonus track) onslaught of experimental, esoteric, multi-genre ADHD chip/electronic. 25 minutes of pure, emotional chaos. 


~Grab it here~

01. we forgot how to breathe
02. crunkenlurch [i did it] (ft. Eli Class 2005)
03. danceball bonanza
04. nothing
05. pillowtalk
06. piña colada
07. saint james
08. the passive aggressive can shake
09. butter
10. alan mckenzie
11. eanáir
12. miami
13. the weak
14. svingular (ft. Nappes)
15. amore (ft. bojwa)
16. she smelt of perfume and shit [Bonus Track]
17. this is a song written with midi instruments [Bonus Track]

Friday 26 September 2014

TWG023| MrWimmer - An Interesting Life

With the end of TWG less than a month away, we're starting to get a little teary-eyed over here. Here to wallow with us in abject melancholy, MrWimmer is finally releasing a follow up to 'Once More Unto The Breach' with us here.

And what a follow up it is. The six tracks that make up An Interesting Life seethe with emotion from the beginning glissandos of 'Golden' all the way through to the final croons of the title track. Mixing vocals, live instrumentation and LSDJ mastery into brooding jazz-rock, MrWimmer has struck the balances between these elements perfectly, crafting a stunningly unique sound that carries the album into another stratosphere when attempting to weigh it against what else is available at the moment. 

The music compliments the pining, lovesick lyrics, as much as does the sound design used throughout. From the thick sludge drudge of guitars in the desperate 'Your Way', to the euphoric synth solos of 'Study' and the driving drumwork of 'How Long', every minuscule aspect of An Interesting Life has been throught over and perfected, and the result is truly remarkable.

One of the most original, well-crafted and emotional releases in chiptune ever, we're ecstatic to be releasing this here on TWG ~ ! ~

Grab the release here.

01. Golden
02. Your Way
03. My Only
04. How Long
05. Study
06. An Interesting Life

Wednesday 24 September 2014

TWG022| ocean palace - UN PEACE SUMMIT

With our closure imminent, TWG thought it was high time we stuck out a release by one of our favourite masters of subtly, dissonance, and lo-fi emotion; ocean palace is bringing his incredible talents in this twelve track opus UN PEACE SUMMIT

Tonal poetics seen in 'kingdoms of madness', 'ur cute', and 'love and solitude' play alongside the frantic dissonant beauty of 'a lucid surge of light', 'creating gem quality stones in a wood stove', and 'an ocean of glass and starlight', forming a cohesive and multifaceted exploration of lo-fi melody. 

Ukulele samples by Hunter Irving in 'so i married a slime' and drum contributions on 'creating...' and 'a lucid...' by ex-TWGer Guardia (not to mention full compositions by other artists re-arranged by ocean palace) give UN PEACE SUMMIT another layer of depth and range to the already diverse set of sounds. The production is minimal too, taken directly from source the understated meanderings of track speak from themselves slowly, giving the album a sense of growing over frequent re-listens across both the ambient and the jazz influenced tracks alike. 

Enough hyperbole; some of the best lo-fi and affective chip in the scene. We're very very happy to be putting this out! PS, download comes with two bonus tracks!

Grab the release here.

01. a lucid surge of light
02. kingdoms of madness
03. elf girlz
04. someone still loves you little alex
05. i love you
06. creating gem quality stones in a wood stove
07. the elders of arcturus
08. so i married a slime
09. the avatar of gaia
10. love and solitude
11. an ocean of glass and starlight
12. ur cute
13. the great green (bonus track)
14. credits (bonus track)

Wednesday 10 September 2014

TWG021| Spaceman Fantastiques - C.O.M.P.A.S.S

Nearly three years in the making, TWG is overly estatic to finally be bringing this huge album by Spaceman Fantastiques to you as part of our final string of releases.

Almost instantenously it's clear the long writing and recording progress was not wasted; full band progressive rock with math rock tinges flood over 'SW', hauntingly pretty electronic interludes like 'WSW' act as tonal poems, and tracks like the multi-movement 'N' rock through a plethora of ideas with the ease of a compositional wizard, emotional and breathtaking simultaneously. 

Whilst lodged almost in sweeping progressive rock grandoise, 'C.O.M.P.A.S.S' ducks and dives between hundreds of influences, hitting each with intent and reasoning, a patchwork of complex but reasoned diversity that, when pulled back from, reveals a deep and diverse tapestry of music. Quite possibly one of the largest, in both scope and ambition, releases the scene will have seen in years, and certainly the biggest to ever be hosted here on TWG. From the piano, choral voices and pulsing bass medley of 'NE', through the noise-laden and immedate 'SE' and the squealing-solos-into-restrained-crawl of 'W', the journey within 'C.O.M.P.A.S.S' is laden with incredible moments.

Grab the release here.

Monday 18 August 2014

TWG020| Whitely - सन लाइफ मौत

TWG has always prided itself in its genre diversity. With the fourth in our line of final releases, Whitely brings us what is easily his most surprising and one of his best realised pieces yet. Indian influenced ambient music, with ethereal vocals provided by Whitely himself, thick in atmosphere, emotion and tension. 

There is not much else that can be said about this release, other than it's Whitely as you've never heard him before, a listening experience that is an experience as much as it is a journey, and that we're incredibly proud to have this here on TWG. Not necessarily chiptune, but incredible all the same. 
Chiptune is dead anyway, right?

Grab the release here.

01. गर्मी
02. केवल सूर्य हमें एकजुट कर सकते हैं
03. भूत (किया)

Thursday 14 August 2014

TWG019| HODSON - Colours That Glow In The Dark

Number three of the finals sees the release debut of 'Manchester's Top Geeza' HODSON, of ex-Skin Walker fame, flexing his musical muscles under the weight of this titanic mixture of spoken word, dnb, glitch and trip hop. 

Dispelling specific genre focus in favour of atmospheric and tonal meanderings, HODSON's five track effort covers aeons of ground, self-regarded in genre terms by HODSON himself as one only named 'Particular'. Using chiptune as just one of several instruments, only adding further colour to the rich patchwork of influences on show, HODSON also adds sampled vocals and his own spoken word to weigh down tracks with an emotional vibrancy not seen often within the scene. From the delicate duality of guitar tones and big beat-esque drums in 'Pink & Blue', to the thick, suffocated dnb in 'Somewhere Down In The West' or the throbbing almost acidic bass in 'Out To Pasture', Colours That Glow In The Dark is as surprising as it is diverse, and another welcome addition to the TWG roster that we are estatic to be bringing to you.

Grab the release here.

01. Like Chalk To Slate
02. Out To Pasture
03. Pink & Blue
04. Adam Gnade - The Winter / Their Apartment (HODSON Bootleg)
05. Somewhere Down In The West