Friday, 17 October 2014

TWG024| spaceaser - MMXIV

For our penultimate release, we bring you a retrospective compilation of the recently deceased spaceaser, a 15 track (and 2 bonus track) onslaught of experimental, esoteric, multi-genre ADHD chip/electronic. 25 minutes of pure, emotional chaos. 


~Grab it here~

01. we forgot how to breathe
02. crunkenlurch [i did it] (ft. Eli Class 2005)
03. danceball bonanza
04. nothing
05. pillowtalk
06. piña colada
07. saint james
08. the passive aggressive can shake
09. butter
10. alan mckenzie
11. eanáir
12. miami
13. the weak
14. svingular (ft. Nappes)
15. amore (ft. bojwa)
16. she smelt of perfume and shit [Bonus Track]
17. this is a song written with midi instruments [Bonus Track]