Friday, 26 September 2014

TWG023| MrWimmer - An Interesting Life

With the end of TWG less than a month away, we're starting to get a little teary-eyed over here. Here to wallow with us in abject melancholy, MrWimmer is finally releasing a follow up to 'Once More Unto The Breach' with us here.

And what a follow up it is. The six tracks that make up An Interesting Life seethe with emotion from the beginning glissandos of 'Golden' all the way through to the final croons of the title track. Mixing vocals, live instrumentation and LSDJ mastery into brooding jazz-rock, MrWimmer has struck the balances between these elements perfectly, crafting a stunningly unique sound that carries the album into another stratosphere when attempting to weigh it against what else is available at the moment. 

The music compliments the pining, lovesick lyrics, as much as does the sound design used throughout. From the thick sludge drudge of guitars in the desperate 'Your Way', to the euphoric synth solos of 'Study' and the driving drumwork of 'How Long', every minuscule aspect of An Interesting Life has been throught over and perfected, and the result is truly remarkable.

One of the most original, well-crafted and emotional releases in chiptune ever, we're ecstatic to be releasing this here on TWG ~ ! ~

Grab the release here.

01. Golden
02. Your Way
03. My Only
04. How Long
05. Study
06. An Interesting Life