Wednesday, 24 September 2014

TWG022| ocean palace - UN PEACE SUMMIT

With our closure imminent, TWG thought it was high time we stuck out a release by one of our favourite masters of subtly, dissonance, and lo-fi emotion; ocean palace is bringing his incredible talents in this twelve track opus UN PEACE SUMMIT

Tonal poetics seen in 'kingdoms of madness', 'ur cute', and 'love and solitude' play alongside the frantic dissonant beauty of 'a lucid surge of light', 'creating gem quality stones in a wood stove', and 'an ocean of glass and starlight', forming a cohesive and multifaceted exploration of lo-fi melody. 

Ukulele samples by Hunter Irving in 'so i married a slime' and drum contributions on 'creating...' and 'a lucid...' by ex-TWGer Guardia (not to mention full compositions by other artists re-arranged by ocean palace) give UN PEACE SUMMIT another layer of depth and range to the already diverse set of sounds. The production is minimal too, taken directly from source the understated meanderings of track speak from themselves slowly, giving the album a sense of growing over frequent re-listens across both the ambient and the jazz influenced tracks alike. 

Enough hyperbole; some of the best lo-fi and affective chip in the scene. We're very very happy to be putting this out! PS, download comes with two bonus tracks!

Grab the release here.

01. a lucid surge of light
02. kingdoms of madness
03. elf girlz
04. someone still loves you little alex
05. i love you
06. creating gem quality stones in a wood stove
07. the elders of arcturus
08. so i married a slime
09. the avatar of gaia
10. love and solitude
11. an ocean of glass and starlight
12. ur cute
13. the great green (bonus track)
14. credits (bonus track)