Monday, 24 November 2014

TWG025| barbeque - transient portals

Today TWG closes it's doors. Seeing us off, piggy legend barbeque is releasing his latest with us, a mesh of chilled footwork, tinges of acid and a whole lot of ambient leanings; a release as kinetically moving as it is emotionally so. 

Featuring chilled vaporware-by-R&B footwork cuts like 'c-a n..a d..i a_n __d..r..u-g s_t-o-r e-', sampled vox-heavy tracks like the near vocaloid 'i want to hold u but i can't', and pieces more in line with his older output ('indie.fuckboy'), 'transient portals' is eight tracks of eclectic perfection, taking a single overarching genre and fucking it every way possible. 'transient portals' takes barbeque's recorded outputs to a new level, being easily his most condensed and realised release to date, ambition realised.

We couldn't be more happy at TWG HQ to be closing on a release so strong, so in line with what were about and so well crafted. And so, with a mixture of sadness and content, we say goodbye. Thanks to everyone for listening, reading and engaging with TWG over the years ( a bigger thanks to artists is forthcoming ). The Bandcamp and Blog will remain live indefinitely so don't worry about losing releases or w/e, PEACE ~ x

Grab the release here.
Preorder of cassette edition here.

01. cheap_tobacco
02. pig spear~
03. c-a n..a d..i a_n __d..r..u-g s_t-o-r e-
04. i want to hold u but i can't
05. indie.fuckboy
06. b safe, gurl (ft. shoujo kiss)
07. slow__hi
08. transient portals*