Friday, 22 March 2013

Week #12| Parallelis- Lazor Dragon Pizzeria

Week 12, (a quarter of the way through already!?) and we've got another young chiptune talent from America, this week Parallelis. Check the track out here!! 

WT: How did you first come into contact with chiptune, and what was your first experience with it?

Parallelis: I actually first discovered chipmusic through a Nintendo Power article covering the chip-hop group Supercommuter. I just thought it sounded like a really cool idea, with like, modern music being interpreted through old hardware. So I got the album, and that basically opened to door for me to the wonderful online world of chipmusic.
WT: Who has been an influence for you inside of the scene?
P: Oh jeez, everyone. I think I kind of subconsciously take away something from everything I hear, and that kind of forms my style. I've been especially influenced by Henry Homesweet's minimal-house stuff, Cooshinator, Kedromelon, PopSTAR, and uhhhh probably WMD. But as I said, really anything can inspire me, and everything I hear makes me want to step up my game and try new stuff with LSDJ.
WT: What caused you to utilise the programs which you have chosen to use?
P: I use LSDJ just because it's the most accessible I guess. When I first started getting into chipmusic, I was listening to Stenobot, Bit Shifter, Random, Nullsleep, all great Game Boy artists. So when I had a spare $40 after I was unable to go to Blip Fest 2011 (my ride crapped out on me), it seemed logical to buy my own cart. Personally, I just love the sounds the Game Boy can make, the DMG gets such a heavy bass sound and just that aesthetic is awesome. I can definitely get into C64, NES, YM and Amiga music. But I don't think I'd ever make it. Maybe someday.
WT: Could you tell us a bit about your recent release, Animalia, please?
P: Animalia was the culmination of several month of sporadic chipmusicing. Each of the tracks has a totally different origin, and was something that was very long term in writing and developing. I was just writing songs to have new material for ClipStream, not really with a set goal or theme. The idea of having all of the tracks be scientific animal names was something I've always wanted to do as a concept album, and I though these tracked worked well, what with the big range of styles. It unifies a set of otherwise un-unifiable songs. Overall, I'm proud of how it turned out though; it's a fun grab bag.
WT: What went into creating ‘Lazor Dragon Pizzeria’?
P: I actually though of the main riff of the track when I was in the shower one day and I thought it was cool, so I jumped out and grabbed my Gameboy. That snappy pitched pulse sound is something I've recently been exploring; it's a really rhythmic way of using the pulse channel. After getting my initial ideas down, I came back to it over the course of a couple of weeks and fleshed in out, just adding new ideas and chains. The name comes courtesy of Art Gibbons (aka MyLifeIsPixels). I played an early version of the track during my March ClipStream set, and he said I should name it "Lazer Dragons". I added the Pizzeria part. Thought it fit the funky feel of the track well.
WT: What is the story behind your name?
P: When I first started chipmusic, I was initially doing this Starscream-esque LSDJ+drums combo project thing with my friend Jesse Lessner. Unfortunately we only did like 2 songs before he went of the college in the fall, which is when I just went solo with the project. However, before I hijacked it, we were deciding on a name, and JessLess suggested "Parallel", but since it was already taken on Soundcloud, I just changed it to "Parallelis". It just kind of popped into my head. I don't know, I like it, I think I fits my musical style and personality. Not to mention my love for parallel structure.
WT: Any current plans for the future?
P: For the future? Like with jetpacks? Anything's possible. I'm hoping to play live more now that I'm graduating high school. BRKfest is coming up this summer (WOOT) so I'm super excited for that. I'll definitely just keep on chipping into my college years, spreading the chip love to whatever campus I end up on. It's awesome to see people’s reactions to the music. I'm also hoping to do more chipmusic + instrument combinations. Right now I'm working on a Concert Band + LSDJ piece, which is turning out really cool. Look for that around June probably. Man, chipscene is the best scene, I'm just super happy to be a part of it.