Saturday, 9 November 2013

TWG010| Gab Pearson - Free Sprite

Continuing our crusade against explainable styles and the comprehensible, we here at TWG are incredibly proud to throw this chunk of jaunty and experimental swing-laden gold at you.

Mixing inexplicably catchy phrases with hugely emotive tonal tapestries and a healthy spooning of the esoteric, Gab Pearson exudes subtle and eclectic mastery. Sounding like a jazz-fuelled romp through polka, Russia, and hip-hop, 'Free Sprite' is by no means a simple listen. From the touchingly ballad-esque bridges of 'universalizable', through to the left-turn rap of 'movezherb' and Indian percussion spread throughout 'action caption', this EP never starts to make sense, or lose an inch of its huge groove. In fact, it manages the insane feat of being both completely bonkers and touchingly emotive in one fell swoop, and all with some giant beats driving it throughout. 

So without further ado, I may as well quit attempting the impossible, describing this release words, and instead implore you to listen with an open mind. You're sure to find some of the most incredibly well written and undeniably unique tracks in the scene within. 

Grab the release for free here!

01. free sprite
02. universalizable
03. action caption
04. movezherb
05. all minds