Friday, 25 January 2013

WeeklyTreats #04| Holy Konni- Betelgeuse

Howdy Chaps! In Week Four we're staying in Scandinavia, this time visiting the multi-talented Holy Konni!

WT: Let’s start at the beginning, what was your first contact with the chiptune scene, and the first piece of software you wrote with?

Holy Konni: Hello Andrew and thanks for this opportunity!   
My first contact with chipmusic was when I first got a Gameboy Color from my Grandma, when I was about 6-7 years old. I think the best game music back then was Kirby or Zelda. Then, when I was in 6th grade me and a friend made shitty tracker music (if you can even call it that) on ModPlug Tracker, and by chance downloaded some keygen music that we loaded into ModPlug. It might have been a Dubmood song, can't remember. But I was amazed and thought it was really cool. At the age of maybe 17 years, I discovered 8bc, and started making music with Milkytracker.

WT: How has your style evolved, what has been your favourite release to write thus far and why?

HK: After making pure LSDJ chip for a while I became bored with the pure chip sound, and wanted to be able to implement other sounds and samples into my music. I discovered LGPT and it's probably my favourite tracker (it has built-in bitcrusher!!!). I've experimented a bit with ambient/chip music, and right now I'm writing a new release which is kind of house-beats/ambient/samples/chiptune. My favourite release was probably earth child, answer already. I learned so much about writing music during that one. It's a favourite.
WT: Who are your main musical influences in and outside of the chiptune scene?

HK: I get influenced by pretty much everything I hear, both in and outside of the scene. But I think some artists that have influenced me in particular are Chalices of the Past, Musho, OK Ikumi and maybe Crystal Castles when it comes to vocal samples.

WT: What other instruments do you play, and how have you utilised them with the chiptune medium?

HK: I play guitar! And sing. But I've never really used those things that much in my songs, probably mostly out of laziness. But there are some vocals in my music, but not much. However I've always wanted to do a chiptune & singing album.

WT: You also do a lot of artwork right? Could you tell us a bit about that the influences which dictate your style?

HK: Yes! I used to do lots of art before I started getting 'serious' with music. I also made animations and stuff like that, and some album art for the chip community. I was really influenced by a group of artists on this website called UPWN, but it died. I really like Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time, and I guess my style is kind of similar. But now I mainly do music, and that is what I like the most right now. Maybe in the future I will pick up drawing and painting again, we'll see. 

WT: As a Swede, what are your opinions on the current Swedish chiptune scene as well as the worldwide chip scene?

HK: I'm not a Swede, but I've lived here for some 10-11 years now. The Swedish chip scene is pretty good, when compared to other countries. There are lots of events taking place and even in my tiny town I get to play shows from time to time, which is nice. There are a great number of famous chip artists that are from Sweden, like goto80, Boomlinde and my BFF Nordloef. I  Nordloef. 
In general, I think it's pretty interesting how the chip scene is getting more mainstream. You can hear chip sounds in pop songs played on the radio today. And bands like Crystal Castles are promoting the sound to other audiences. 

WT: And finally, what are your future plans for ‘Holy Konni’?

HK: I'm just gonna see where I go from here, where the project takes me. But in the nearer future I'm releasing a new LGPT album called Fetushouse, which is a mix of roughly cut lo-fi samples, house-beats, ambient vibes and chiptune & glitch sounds. It's going to be released by the great Cheapshot and Lazerbeat label Cheapbeats and sold as CD's. I'm incredibly exited and hyped for this and really hope it will be well received by people.