Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Some News| 22.01.2013

I've been meaning to create bi-monthly news posts for some time now, but work with WeeklyTreats has left me explicitly busy. But without further ado, here is a small round-up of some notable chiptune happenings:

Starpilot released the first in a trilogy of new releases under the guise 'Energies I', with 'Energies II' looking to follow very soon if the fact a front cover has been posted on his Facebook fan page is anything to go by. Also released only today, 'Frozen Solvents On A Windy Day', a collections of tracks, most of which were created last year. 

Stenobot has just released the follow up to his fantastic Crunchy Co. release 'Sink or Swim We'll Go Together'. 'Thirteen Orphans' contains much of the guitar, vocal and electronic intertwining seen in his previous release. A physical release is also due out January 29th.

Danimal Cannon and Zef have joined forces to release 'Parallel Processing' with Ubiktune. Hard beats and progressive tendencies, a physical release is also available. This release sounds like definition of LSDJ's climax, it's hard to think anything will top this on terms of sheer technical application. Also the music is fucking stellar. 

aanaaanaaanaaana, the, well I'm not sure what, has released a collection of tracks. Expect what you'd expect from ant1 (if he is the only contributor?) , genuinely gorgeous music hidden behind a veil of nonchalance. A video for track 'Doughnut Universe' has also been created, be sure to check that!

80s inspired label Telefuture releases another collection of tracks ready to be utilised in 'Drive 2's soundtrack. 'Animal Magnetism' by Collins, a producer and DJ (among other things) based in Rio de Janeiro, features much of the familiar 80s slow house and funk stylings we've come to expect from Telefuture. Another fantastic release from this label. 

In news more related to this very blog, we have another release coming very shortly, so get hyped for that. Also, at WeeklyTreats this week we'll be bringing you a track from Sweden's Sweetheart, Holy Konni!. Check back here friday for the interview!!!