Monday, 7 July 2014

A Thank You| TWG Turns Two

Today TWG turns two. To 'celebrate', today we're releasing an album by sleepytimejesse, but also another round of 'thank you's feels appropriate, as without a lot of different people doing a lot of different things this blog/label would not exist. 

The scene: again, to anyone reading this, anyone who has streamed, downloaded or donated to a release here, who has listened to a release off the back of a review or supported TWG in any other way: thank you. Without the support and interest of the rest of the scene this would have been packed up ages ago, and I enjoy every second of doing this so I'm glad I haven't had to! Also, special shout outs to the ongoing support and interest shown to the blog from Arnie Holder, Jellica, sandneil, Connor Fowler Kuma, Brandon Hood, the rest of the ChipWin blogging crew, bryface, Rohan Parry, James Hodson, Vince Kaichan, all those behind BRKfest and probably countless others that deserve a mention that I can't remember off the top of me 'ead, and every single one of the WeeklyTreaters, NTWRK mixers and Pxl-Bot artists Alex Kelly and I have worked with over the last few years. Love all y'all <3 

The TWG Crew: Probably an obvious one, but I want to say a massive thanks to the 22 artists who dedicated releases or tracks to TWG this year: Adam Sigmund, Sean Monistat, Düane 'Starpilot', Styles Munson, Gabriel Pearson, Stephan Tul, Rob Decay, Vegard Kummen, Alex Kelly, Alex Mauer, sandneil, wailord, Andrew Gould, Jos VB, Victor Arce, Juan Larrazabal, Hunter Quinn, Alex Wimmer, Aaron Munson, Ernesto Muñoz and Jesse Martin. You are all incredible talents who I am stupidly lucky to have worked with <3 x <3 Also a special thanks to Styles Munson, Alex Kelly and Victor Arce for providing art to release more than once, to Bertrand Guérin-Williams for being TWG's first guest writer, to Stephan Tul for proofreading every review and article and to all of the upcoming TWG artists, for which there are many. ~ <3 ~

Alex Kelly: Saying anything would be retreading old ground, but I could not keep up the work I do without Alex's support, influence and ideas. Much love to Mr Kelly, u my rl boo x

To another year I guess!~~~~