Monday, 2 June 2014

Review| lu-lu - Apparent Magnitude

Hailing from New York, lu-lu uses a single copy of LSDJ, putting out two EPs since this April. Apparent Magnitude, the second of these, shows lu-lu flaunting more styles, talent, and promise in the seven minute running than many artists manage in an entire career.

The album opens with the confident 'Eris' which highlights the stylistic mixture between arcadecoma. and Auxcide the rest of the release follows; spacefaringly grandiose and melodically poignant. '902482 Orcus' seeps early Mega Flare melancholy, leading into some fantastic 80s synthpop-esque leads before rolling into 8bitpeopleian melodies and percussion, finishing the with an experimental percussive battery.

Despite the short track lengths, through expert blending of repetition and variation lu-lu manages to create pieces that are memorable and huge in scope within a minuscule space. Nowhere else is this more apparent than on the album's closer '90377 Sedna'. Laced with EDM, melodies move through club-ready spaceraves played on brilliant sounding instruments, before becoming floaty euphoria, and finally coming down into a chipthrash maelstrom, finishing one of the best chip tracks of the year thus far.

The equilibrium of repetition and variation isn't quite as balanced elsewhere, however. Whilst starting large, 'Eris' runs itself thin by the end, spilling less ideas than other tracks and with smaller hooks too. The outro section of '50000 Quaoar' also takes an odd compositional direction, flinging itself into a confusing ending that sounds lumped on and superfluous.

Despite these few nitpicks, the rest of Apparent Magnitude is laden with beautiful harmonies and ideas. The percussion and leads fizzle with energy and the compositional genius behind cuts like '90377 Sedna' show a promise larger than any of the faults present. Whilst it's not exploring anything new, Apparent Magnitude does what it does better than most ever have. Keep an eye on this artist for sure.

Favourite track: 90377 Sedna
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Special thanks to Stephan Tul for proofing <3