Friday, 16 May 2014

TWG014| Love Through Cannibalism - Serial Experiments Tangela 2

Following the similarly titled release of 2010, TWG are very proud to be presenting the second 'Serial Experiments...' album by Spain's best glitch, Love Through Cannibalism.

Musically, the release traverses more ground than possibly any TWG before it: chipbreak dripped in dissonance, serene and glitched out melodic passages, mind-bending sample work, downtempo lurching, pure unaccommodating noise, to name but a few.  Walking the tightrope between pure genius and unlistenable garbage, Love Through Cannibalism has made a name for himself by being unrestrictive, distinct and with incredible talent, and here, on 'Serial Experiments Tangela 2', we find him reaching his apex, further forwarding TWG's propagandic push towards experimental chiptune. A release that needs to be listened to rather than glanced at to be appreciated, take some time out, draw the curtains and become infused in the pure esotericism of it all. Or he's trolling us all. You never know with LxTxC...

Grab The Release Here

01. Magic Cloud
02. Tangela
03. Hexadecimal Space
04. Test, Signal, Error
05. Lucid Dream
06. The Glitch Castle
07. Song About Immediacy
08. Light, Motion, Philosophy
09. Party Sadness
10. Rare Candy
11. Why Chiptune Sucks In '11
12. Fun
13. Abstract Designer
14. September 2013
15. September 2014
16. Tangela 2