Monday, 10 March 2014

TWG013| V/A - Anti-Chiptune Chiptune

At TWG, we've always pushed the odd, the weird, and the emotionally robust. In celebration of the more esoteric corners of the chiptune stratosphere we've compiled 19 tracks from some of chiptune's most notable and talented purveyors of "what?" to showcase what can be done when the term chiptune is examined. From scene veterans as prolific as Alex Mauer and inpuj's ilkae, to newer blood like Nappes and TWG staples like Guardia and Vegas Diamond. We've got the final ever Fauxhound track, +Let's Disinfect!+ covering Bit Shifter's 'Activation Theme' in a folk punk style, an Alex Mauer track written in 1997 and live NES Rom manipulation from DJ NORTON ANTIVIRUS. Plus a whole ton more. Some is unexplainable, some is not chiptune and some is not music, but we hope you enjoy this eclectic selection of oddities. ~~~~Thank you for listening to the ACCSS' message~~~~


01. Kubbi- Synergy
02. Vegas Diamond- King
03. Nappes- Polar
04. Alex Mauer- Superball
05. Gab Pearson- alcaline pizza (Remix)
06. sandneil- death trebuchet
07. wailord- farming hand
09. Fauxhound- jan{    {{  { 3
10. DJ Norton Antivirus- NES CPU Jam Special Vol, Side A (Take 1) 
12. spaceaser- miamiflush
13. Love Through Cannibalism- Rattata's Moment
14. HunterQuinn-
15. Guardia- You Gotta Go
16. MrWimmer- golden
17. ilkae & meek- 'v';;)_--==T
18. aaceeprss- numb
19. +Let's Disinfect!+- Activation Theme (Bit Shifter Cover)

~~~Open call for members to join TWG's ACCSS [Anti-Chiptune Chiptune Secret Society]~~~
Our fight against chiptune has only begun. If you'd like to join the cause and be featured on future ACC compilations, please send a demo of an experimental track [no boundaries other than it must be at least TANGIBLY linked to chip] to or All entries must be unreleased, and you must be prepared for their full committal to the war against chiptune (we ask all tracks are to be hosted only on the TWG bandcamp for at least 3 months after compilation releases, no reposting on soundcloud without  download links yadda yadda). Thank you for your support comrade, may the blessed be with you.

          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End Message~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~