Saturday, 4 May 2013

WeeklyTreats Q1 Catch-Up Zip [Jan-March]

Four months already! As promised, we finally bring you the first three months of WeeklyTreats in an easily digestible zip! But that's not all! We've also been scrapping up all manner of goodies from our first 13 WeeklyTreaters, and as such we're happy to present to you a boatload of bonuses! 
What you get in the Q1 Catch-Up:
- Tracks 1 through 13 of WeeklyTreats
- All poster art for the first 13 WeeklyTreats
- All Bonus art from the first three monthly zips, including wallpapers and sticker art
- 4 brand new tracks to WeeklyTreats!:
--- 001 Kubbi- Up In My Jam
--- 002 DKSTR- wailinggoose
--- 003 Starpilot- Wonderflea
--- 004 Starpilot- Wide Awake [Demo]
- Bonus artwork from WeeklyTreater Starpilot
- Bonus artwork and assorted photography from WeeklyTreater Holy Konni
- Mikee Teevee's Modification Gallery
- Steve's Super Famicom DJ Chart 2013
- LGPT song and sample files for Cheapshot's track 'I Do'
- WeeklyTreats: The Game, an art NES rom by our very own Love Through Cannibalism! 

What are you waiting for? Get it here!