Friday, 3 May 2013

Week #18| XyNo - Thrashboy

Week 18... And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! For his 25th, XyNo is giving YOU a present in the form of this beast of a track. Turn it up loud and then add earmuffs! Grab it here.

WT: What was your first contact with the chiptune scene?

Xyno: I discovered chipmusic in the fall of 2006 when I saw the trailer for the movie "We are the strange" !!! The song in it was TATU's cover of 30minut made by Yerzmyey !!! I found it so good that I went to the website and tried to find it but discovered 8BP instead...It was love at first sight !!! :)

WT: What's the story behind your moniker, ‘Xyno’?

X: It’s from 2000 when my mom got her 1st computer (Pentium MMX 200mhz). There was an IRC software on Win95 called Microsoft chat, and you were able to chat in comic mode (with characters, squares and bubbles) and I once chased the alien and I wanted a nick that was sounding like a mix of an intergalactic name and my first name too...Xyno was created but I didn’t know that it would  stick for more than a decade! :)

WT: Could you explain what you use to create your music, and why you chose that method?

X: Like many chip musicians, I’m using trackers to make my music because it's technical and really powerful !!! My favourite ones are Musicmon 2.5e on ST, REALLY easy and the sound editor is the same as YMvst !!! LSDJ on Gameboy and LGPT on psp are also good for their portability and interface.

WT: Who have been the most important influences to you musically?

X: My biggest influences are mostly guys like STu, gwEm, 505, Paza and other people around the ST scene. Outside that, my influences are The Prodigy, Jel, Vim!, Mike Patton, Nullsleep and Snoopdroop !!!

WT: Which of your releases have you enjoyed writing the most?

X: I think I will go with Cunt Troller! Had a lot of fun doing it ! Also got a lot of good and bad stories behind it...From funky breaks to dark hardcore, it totally freed me from some heavy emotions I’d felt for quite some time!

WT: Do you play live often? If so, what’s your set-up and reception like, and if not, what’s turning you off from doing so?

X: Yep I do some shows !!! We’ve got a nice scene in Montreal ! Big thanks to XC3N and Pocaille for their Toy Company events !  Small TC events bring something between 50-100 people while big ones around 150-300 people ! The reception is quite good but most of them are more into Gameboy stuffs surely because of the nostalgia ! :P

My usual setup is 2 DMG with LSDJ, a PSP with LGPT a small netbook for my XM and an Atari STe running STj (a SNDH player made by gwEm means that you don't need a screen to play your songs :D) all plugged in a small mixer !

WT: Could you describe a bit about your WeeklyTreat submission? How it was created and the inspirations behind it?

X: Hmm, it's been a while since  I made something with LSDJ and I wanted to get back to my old stuff a little bit. So I undusted my cart (insert-remove the cart 20 times so it can run lol) and made deep sounds out of it...the result is kinda thrash !!  ;)

Maybe I can say it's a little tribute to my friend Beastmode ? lol 

WT: You talked about Montreal earlier, what is your opinion on the Canadian chiptune as it stands?

X: Canada has got some great chip musicians !!! Chipmusic is more active (in terms of shows) in the east in places like Montreal or Toronto. Great for me since I'm around but it's sad for people living in the west because there are a lot of cool guys there too but since it's a big country, it can be expensive to travel to the other side of it !!! :(

WT: What are your future plans for Xyno?

X: I'm producing 3 eps with different style of music (still in chipmusic ;) ), will play some shows in Montreal and there is chances to play outside of the country when I will finally get a passport lol !