Friday, 25 October 2013

Week #43 | KODEK - ((((O____O))))

Week 43 and we've got the incredible, over modern, KODEK. Bringing his own distinct style to Weekly Treats, it's not something to miss. Grab the track here!

WT: What was your first introduction to the chiptune scene?

KODEK: As far as i remember i think it was GOTO80 & PAZA and all that stuff :--0

WT: Who influences your style musically?


WT: What genre would you class your music as?


WT: You played Blip back in 2012, how did that come about and what the experience like?

K: Oh it was pretty good times. The crowd was really open minded. 
It seemed that they really enjoyed my performance even though I didn't play any single chiptune track that night. I enjoyed my stay in the New York city a lot.  
Thanks guys who invited me. Much love to them! : )

WT: Do you play live elsewhere often, and if so what set up do you use?

K: Yea I play gigs pretty often. Current setup for me is MPC1000 / Electro harmonix V256 vocoder or microKORG  / korg monotribe / korg kp-mini. I always try to make my rig not so heavy because it's pain in the ass to carry around all that gear. But it just gets heavier and heavier every year lol. 

WT: You’ve also worked with BleepStreet, what went in to creating ‘ORGAN1SED GR1M3 II’?

K: I always wanted to do a track with mad grime MC. I mean real one not just some downloaded acapellas stuff. I guess I wished it hard enough so Zebadiah popped up from deep woods of UK and we made a dank tune together. Bleepstreet seemed the right label for that tune.

WT: Your ‘persona’ has a very distinctive style, what influenced this, or was it an unplanned, natural creation?

K: I think its "unplanned natural creation" yo ; D

WT: What usually goes in to creating a KODEK song? What instruments and software do you use?

K: The first thing is the beat, then goes the rest hehe. 
Currently I'm working with MPC 1000 or YAMAHA SU420. 
Just sampling every synth and software availabile for me.
Fun times ! :0

WT: What went into creating your WeeklyTreat?

K: It's a sunday jam. Tracks which I make on sundays always comes out kinda different and more chilled, hehe.

WT: What have you got in store for the future of KODEK?

K: I just released  "FUTURE WAVE" EP and I think I already have next EP ready  O___O
It's always like that... When I'am doing the release I already have next one almost ready.
I think it's because I'm not so much into making albums. I enjoy to write and play my music live much more. I never think about an album when I am making a tune. I just make tunes and then try to pack them in 4 track zip file and call it an EP : D 
... hmm maybe I should do an LP album finally!
soooo .. STAY TUNED!