Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Review| HunterQuinn- VanitySelector

Over the past two years, a small group of chipsters from Cincinnati have been slowly infecting the scene with their quality output. Events such as cartRAGE cemented them as an enclosed but vastly talented collection of artists. As their influence became steadily more prominent, AndaruGO joined prolific label Datathrash as staff, and SSD Engage, an amalgamation of artists SPRY, spOOked and Disabletron, were booked to play the mega-fest 8static. Hunter, however, always seemed to be overlooked slightly, but ‘VanitySelector’ appears set to change that.

HunterQuinn’s music always excels melodically, no more truer than here; tracks blast hugely emotive phrases, diving through free-form structures and constantly shifting into stylistic boundaries you’d never suspect they would. The melodies are so emotive in fact, ‘VanitySelector’ sounds like a monorail through the various states of melancholia. ‘SuperSpire’ reeks of desperation, and the fizzing beats behind the surging emotions fit perfectly. ‘Selector’ climaxes by dropping into the audio personification of heartbreak, and ‘RelativeObjectivity’ opens with trance harmonies, lending the track some dream pop atmosphere whilst an ever-present percussion/bass duopoly thunders through.

Whilst this formula of psyche-destroying melodies coupled with vicious beats is predominant throughout, its application is flexible. ‘Splicers’ tessellates into subterranean bass dips before riding itself into angular rave-like melodies, whilst ‘ForeverFaceless’ features boaconstructor basslines alongside Starscream melodies, running parallel in a simultaneously contradictory and complimentary manner. It’s that level of expert craftsmanship that has always set HunterQuinn apart. His music exceeds community standards and is frequently one step ahead of other programmers, a unique voice in a sea of meaningless shit, and one that expels much more emotion than should be possible. Without a single doubt, HunterQuinn is one of the greatest talents this scene has had, and you’d be a fool to give this album a miss. Or not give him his well-deserved dues. 

Favourite track: RelativeObjectivity
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