Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Preview| Matt Nida - Particle Theory

UK piggy-master Matt Nida is releasing his debut EP via Cheapbeats (those ever-busy chaps) on the 16th, and those familiar with Nida’s past dub antics are in for a shock. ‘Particle Theory’ is more 90s UK electronic underground than it is Caribbean catharsis, transcending ‘chiptune’ monikers with deep acidic overtones and frequently fantastic bass and percussion.
‘No Not To Mind The Probe’ features some untouchable bass, a seething beast bouncing through the track with ferocious precision. Later the track ebbs into acidic lo-fi idm, sounding like a funky Henry Homesweet ‘Live-Mode’ mix, never once tripping up. Lo-fi vibes also resonate throughout ‘Snout To Tail’, with rave-ready beats, pounding rhythms and genius instrument choices, though the reverbed chords do become a tad over-used. In fact, the only real problem with the release is the odd misjudgement with instruments. Due to the minimalist and repetitive nature of ‘Particle Theory’, a formula which works well in this context, some of the instruments begin to grate fairly quickly. More focus on warmer tones throughout may have benefited this release massively, and no more is the evidence for this more glaring than in the stunning ‘Zero Room’, a track swimming in nuance, with subtle layers forming even subtler grooves riding parallel to the huge swinging pulsations of the kicks.

Along with a remix by Metrodub owner Minikomi, which injects some much needed life into the previous husk ‘First Principle’, ‘Particle Theory’ finishes with the gargantuan ‘Perpetual Motion’, and the only memorable melodies on the release. This isn’t a detriment to the other tracks, melody acts here as a placeholder for the percussive and bass rhythms, being more about motion than emotion. However, the melodies on ‘Particle Theory’ pronounce themselves alongside the gorgeous, staggering chords and harpesque wash of notes, forming minimalist piggy mastery at its best, and another testament to huge amount of talent in the UK scene. He may of ditched dub, but Matt’s talents are clearly multi-purpose, taking to minimalist idm with as much gusto. Keep the 16th etched in your calendars. 

Favourite track: Perpetual Motion
(Will provide links upon release, until then, check out CheapBeats