Friday, 9 August 2013

Week #32| Jakim - High Tension

Week 32: We're stopping off in Poland to spend some time with the magnificently funky Jakim. Grab the track here!

WT: What was your first contact with the chip scene?

Jakim: Thanks to demoscene or to be more precise, tracker communities. As a kid, I met my first .MOD files on an old CD from 1996 and it just began. I started my work with music using Sound Club (my first music files had to be awful, I'm glad I don't have/remember them). After some tries I gave up with music. My first internet connection in 2005 opened a gate to - a site concerned with tracked music - I've started once again with modules. A shift in chiptune direction was just a straightforward consequence. 

I do want to mention till 2006 I haven't had contact with thing called 'normal' music. Except some popular tunes I was free from mainstream music.

WT: Who or what would you say are your main musical influences?

J: I will mention one but great source of my inspirations. It's Thomas "DRAX" Mogensen, funk genius. I often caught myself copying his style without being fully aware of this process. I want to believe I have created something different than just blatant rip-offs ;). I really recommend DRAX's works, he shares unbelievably clear but moving compositions. He is able to keep his chiptunes complex and simultaneously stay with being catchy. Hard to recreate.

WT: Where did the name Jakim come from?

J: I really want to know myself. I... don't remember how it came. 

WT: Could you tell us a bit about what gear or programs you use to create your music?

J: Trackers. Many of them. I'm a Modplug Tracker nerd so it's my main program. Sometimes I use FamiTracker for FTMs (NES) or GoatTracker for SNGs (SID), I regret I cannot have real machines for it. For game soundtracks/ambient/experimental tunes I use Renoise with hipster VSTis. I have fun with creating own waves with random samples on guitar rigs effects. It's my characteristic way of developing new timbres. Sometimes the results are really unexpected.

WT: You've mentioned being linked with the demoscene, could you explain a bit more about your involvement?

J: If you mean what I do for the demoscene, I do almost nothing recently (which is sad), I'm waiting for when my group will be releasing a new demo so I could manage soundtrack for it. For now I sit before my PC and work with music for fun. In general I participate in music competitions if they are on and try to visit some demoscene parties - unfortunately I've missed many of them. My nature keeps me in the house. 

Oh, by the way, if you track tunes, come on Saturdays on #modulez @ for One Hour Compo, it's so much fun!

WT: What went into writing High Tension?

J: Kind of boredom. I was just jamming on the tracker and that's the result. I'm afraid I cannot tell anything interesting about it.