Wednesday, 14 August 2013

News| 14.08.2013

So, due to a heavy two weeks of planning, again, here is some more news! I’ll make it up to you next week with a preview of a rather large upcoming compilation… |suspense|

But first. This week marks the release of the Chiptune=Win [that thing whose blog I’m lead editor for] and Pxl-Bot’s [that label I co-founded and co-run] joint compilation, Pxl-Win! Taking 15 tracks from the Chiptune=Win Volume 2 entries, curated by myself and Pxl-Bot’s Commander In Chief Alex Kelly, with an extra two tracks from two of our scene bessies, expect some insane quality; KoolSkull doing Converge-meets-grindcore, Corset Lore coercing tears from your eyes and Let’s Disinfect writing the chiptune horrorpunk anthem of the year (among other things).

Speaking of Let’s Disinfect, the coming days [read: very fucking soon] will see him release his new and self-titled album on TWG! As we’ve already announced this, we’ll make up for it by showing you the artwork>>>

Also, Guardia’s 'Imprints' is due out soon. Again, if you want a teaser head here, otherwise, mark the 26th in your calendar!

EDIT: Also, silly of me to not mention before, if you missed it because you were at BRK or just pure negligence  check out TWG006, Origami Repetika's 'Into The Ether'. Childhood innocence and emotive melodies over complex structures. Do not miss out!!!

Elsewhere in chiptune:
The J. Arthur Keenes Band recently released his debut full length, 'Mighty Social Lion',  but I’ve probably said enough about that already.

Canadian XyNo has released another belter of a release with ‘Hexagon Chainbreak’, including a remix track of our very own Turtlesaur and covering a shit ton of systems too. Check that out.

Time signature molester MicroD has released a new album, ‘Radical D’. Expect the same levels of mind fuckery and composition mastery as always.

The annoyingly under-rated WMD has put new music out, on EP ‘Songs About Ruby’, this fortnight too, featuring dark ambient tones and tomes of atmosphere. A hauntingly beautiful piece.

And finally, our very own Breakbeat Heartbeat has another fantastic release out this week, with the stunning ‘Hold On’.  As astonishingly good as always!

So, until this Friday’s WeeklyTreat, by a multi-aliased chip scene veteran, enjoy your week! And don’t forget to tune in to the Pxl-Win listening party where myself and Alex will be on air talking shite about shit. Also the new music and stuff.