Thursday, 1 August 2013

News| 01.08.2013

At a slight loss regarding what I should review this week, I’ve decided to bail instead. It’s a slow week anyway. So instead, here is a list of worthwhile releases that have been out in the last few weeks…

But first! Some important news regarding TWG: We have three new exclusive-to-TWG releases set to come out this month!

First we have ‘Into The Ether’ by warm analog manipulator Origami Repetika, bringing another small slice of gorgeous melodic tunes and stunningly subtle atmosphere. Out this weekend!

Secondly, we have ‘Imprints’ by experimental chiptster Guardia; 10 tracks, lusciously demanding melodies and enough hip hop swagger to fill a mixtape. For a taste of what’s to come, you can listen to an unmastered version of one of the tracks, ‘God Guard’, right here! Also, sneaky peeky at the artwork>> 

Also this month we’ll be bringing you a release by Horrorpunk chiptune king Let’s Disinfect!. The release is self-titled, and if the already released track from it, ‘Contact!’ (which can be heard here) is anything to go by, expect the usual singable punk heavy chip anthems.
As well as these releases, we have PLENTY more in the pipeline, so keep tuned….

Elsewhere in chiptune: 
Nonfinite released a fifteen minute dub/techno/chip-electro mix, entitiled ‘It Does Not Follow’. expect the usual level of insane quality and panache as you would do from a Nonfinite release.

In celebration of Frank Twisk’s, organiser of EINDBAAS, 30th birthday, Lunar Park (aka Monodeer), Men of Mega, xyce, Ultrasyd and RoccoW have teamed up to release a tribute called ‘The FrankTwisk Ep’. 5 original tracks and 5 remixes, if you haven’t checked it out already, jump on it! Happy Birthday man! 

Ricky Burgal, recently released his debut release on Love & Tonic Records. ‘Assorted Women’ features wonky beats, swagger and bludgeoning groove. I highly recommend!

Also, if you haven’t already, check out the last two releases reviewed here, StormBlooper’sJawn-Dis’ and seatrash’s ‘Sedition’. The former is hyper cyberpunk unce, the former understated melodic genius.

And, finally, small plug, I recently repackaged all my previous releases and some B-Sides under a release called ‘past’ and put out some demos and WIPs of my upcoming full length under ‘present’.

So, until tomorrow’s WeeklyTreat, (which is being supplied by ELECTRIC CHILDREN), all the best, and if you're attending BRKfest this weekend, I hope my jealousy stings you. And have a good time of course x~