Friday, 19 April 2013

Week #16| Boaconstructor- Ft. Wenty VIP

Week 16 and we're hitting up Washington on the hazy weekend with a track from party animal / egotistical troll, Boaconstructor! With a release out on here, TWG, tomorrow too, bring on the hype machine! Grab the track here!

WT: How did you first come into contact with the chiptune scene?
Boaconstructor: Ah, this one's a pretty good story actually.. chiptune really fell on my lap. I was 16, walking around Seattle's yearly Memorial Day weekend festival with a few friends. Walk up on this semicircle of interesting looking dancing folks and decide to investigate. Sabrepulse, Fighter X, Electric Children (Circles at the time), McFiredrill, and Ovenrake are all getting their busk on. Asked one of the dancing dudes wtf these guys were doing and was blown away. I was really getting into dubstep and hardstyle (lol) at the time, and had only had a Gameboy when growing up, so I was definitely intrigued to say the least. Find out about the free "NW Chip Showcase" happening the next day and decide to go. Got to see Sabrepulse, Trash80, and Fighter X play in a small space with good sound. Turned into a fucking party. Sold for life.

WT: Who would you say are the main musical influences behind your work?

B: To be honest, the majority of the influence behind boaconstructor has come from non-chip bass music. Guys like Caspa, Skream, The Widdler, etc. are the reason I got into dance music at all. That's not to say that chip shit hasn't inspired me though.. Early on, I was crazy into Homesweet, Fighter X, Shirobon, Sabrepulse, Q330, JDDJ3J, IAYD etcetcetc. These days, my counterparts from the PNW 8bit posse really get me goin.. Every time I collab with them, I learn. Every time I hear a new track from one of the homies, I know it's time to step my game up. Going to events and becoming deeply rooted in the club/rave scene here (#sorrynotsorry) is hands down the driving force behind my style and live approach. Being able to watch it explode over these last few years gives me a lot of hope. Not to mention, I'm consistently blown away when I get to watch/study some of my favourite producers mixing. My dream is to have LSDJ tunes that have sound design worthy of being dropped by DJs & producers.

WT: So would you say playing live is an important part of the writing process for you?

B: Absolutely. All of the more recent tunes I've written have been made to compliment my live set. Depending on the tempo, the structure of my tracks are all pretty similar so they can be mixed between each other as seamlessly as possible. Because of that, I try to keep as little repetition as possible in my songs (I've run out of phrases and instruments in LSDJ with some 75% of them) as to keep things interesting. The whole goal is to make songs and live transitions that will get a good reaction out of the crowd.

WT: Could you explain the story behind your moniker please?

B: Haha this one will make me sound like a moderate pussy... but YOLO. When my younger sister was 6-7 years old, she went to the zoo with my dad one weekend. She came back home excited as fuck and told me all about the different animals she saw. She couldn't get over how big the "boaconstructors" were. I thought it was cute/badass so that was the first idea that came to mind once I started producing.

WT: Rumour has it, you’re starting your own netlabel! Could you divulge a little information please?

B: Ahh yes I suppose rumours of such things may or may not be true ;) It's going to be called "thebasebit Recordings". The idea is to have it focused around the low-end, bottom-heavy, BASE of 8bit music. I'm doing it to support my friends and give a professional image to the music that I love. Quite a few releases already lined up, but I don't want to spoil anything..

WT: You’ve got a release out tomorrow here on TWG, mind telling the readers a little more about it?

B: Turtlesaur and I are besties. We'd collaborated on a couple of tracks over the last year, which we're both pretty proud of. Few of the tracks are fairly influenced by Fighter X and IAYD, as Tanner and I have been listening to them for a long while. We made sure to toss our own styles onto them.. I couldn't release a tune that directly emulated another artist's sound. EP consists of 3 collab tracks and a solo track from each of us, all 1 LSDJ + DMG. I'm mad hyped to finally get these out.

WT: From your point of view, what’s the chiptune scene like in Washington?

B: The last year has seen some weird ups and downs. Seattle is really the focal point of the state's chip scene, though we've got a handful of other artists scattered throughout the state. We've got some serious LSDJ talent here: Fighter X (who we might just see a comeback from in this near future), Electric Children, G-Diffuser, Turtlesaur (who also happens to now be one of the world's NL 2.x heavyweights), and Orbital Strike, to name a few. What we lack is organization/direction. We used to have three (usually) monthly chip shows. They've all fizzled out. The majority of us actives (myself included) are flat BROKE, so booking and promo are difficult to fund. I still love everybody involved, though.

WT: What went into creating your WeeklyTreat track, and what’s the story behind the name?

B: This is my VIP (self-remix) of the first solo LSDJ tune I ever finished, Ft. Wenty. I spent a few late nights reworking the song's tracking, and actually ended up layering an 808 kick underneath it. First time I've brought a non-chip element into a tune. It's a cute little "creative" way of spelling 420. I hate to be that guy.. but weed is a huge part of my writing process and boosts my creativity exponentially. I figured I'd dedicate a title to this without blatantly saying something about getting high.

WT: Beyond tomorrow’s release, what are your plans for ‘boaconstructor’ in the future?

B: Debut solo EP to be released in the next couple/few months. I've got some of my full-production artist friends doing remixes for it. I'm stupid excited for them, they already sound super dope. I've got a handful collabs finished which look like they'll be released on the other artists' EPs. Plans for more upcoming collabs. Oh not to mention a SUMMER US TOUR. Keep an eye open for that :)