Friday, 5 April 2013

Week #14| AlexOgre- Henna

Week 14... And we're visiting Russia for a former Pxl-Bot artist's submission. AlexOgre provides this week's track! Also, we have March's catch-up zip available at Pxl-Bot here and we'll have the first quarterly catch-up zip with some nice extras available very soon!!
Grab this week's track right here! 

WT: What was your first introduction to the chiptune scene?
AlexOgre: My first introduction to the chiptune scene was I think in 2005 and started with The 8bits of Christmas compilation (8bitpeoples). Yerzmyey and Bit Shifter blew my mind! And I think since that time I had an idea to write chiptune myself! And of course I was shocked when I saw how people play their music right from game boy and I remember I thought that one day I will use this device too!
WT: What goes into your writing process when creating a release?
AO: I just write music and when I have enough completed tracks I think about releasing it and choose the best as I think. 

WT: What has been your favourite release to work on?
AO: I have 2 favourite releases the first one is Surfing Mind (published on pxl-bot) and the second is my new release Midnight Magic (published on Noichan). Surfing Mind was written during one week! 
WT: What influences from inside and outside the chiptune scene influences your music?
AO: I'm a huge fan of Hardstyle, hands up, goa trance, lento, idm, some electro house stuff, minimal, mod rock, Hindu music and songs...  These music styles I think influence a lot on my music. As for chiptune it's Bit Shifter, he is number one for me!  Of course there are a lot of awesome musicians whom I like a lot they are: Bubu, Derris-Kharlan, Ctrix, VRUMZSSSR, Kosmopop2, Maktone, Je Mappelle, Roboctopus, Snork25 and a lot more...
WT: Do you play live often?
AO: I take part almost in all Russian chiptune parties, once or twice a month I think...
WT: What's the chipscene like where you're from?
AO:  Russian chiptune scene I think the same as in other countries, we have a lot of 8bit artists but good artists are not so many...
WT: What are your plans for the future?
AO: My plans for the future to make more chiptune music and I want to try another music style but it doesn't mean that I stop to make chiptune!