Sunday, 7 April 2013

Review| Holy Konni- Fetushouse

Debuting on the Cheapbeats label this week is Swedish HolyKonni with his first release since last year’s ‘lgpt_princess. Holy Konni’s style is a fairly unique one, forming a bricolage of multiple genres from ambient and juke to seapunk and deep house. In short however, this is certainly Konni’s most refined work to date.
Let’s rewind a bit first though. Holy Konni’s style has been in a continuous state of reconfiguration. There’s always been a standard ‘base model’, but nearly every release that he’s put out has substituted various components to form a new take on old ideas.’LET MEKILL!’, released in November 2011, featured a selection of chillout tracks, and the following release ‘lgpt_princess’ flirted with seapunk and trip-hop. ‘Fetushouse’ fits somewhere in between.
This new styling, self-proclaimed by Konni to be the first iteration of what he’s dubbing ‘fetushouse’, sounds exactly as the label describes. Warm ambient tones flow fluidly through house beats with heavy sampling and melodies reminiscent of seapunk and a short gander into trip-hop beats on occasion. Think quiet Aphex Twin crossed with Whitely's seapunk outings. Summer audiofied. That’s the style covered, what about the songs themselves?
The strongest set of tracks he’s produced yet. The five songs work as a unit perfectly, leaving you begging for more (as all good EPs should). ‘Self Portrait 19’’s juke inspired sample work was definitely a highlight, as was the oceananarchist throes of ‘Natalie Portman’. If anything, the songs work so well together that my only real gripe with the release is that the tracks weren’t presented as a single mix instead of separate tracks.
Should you download this? Of course you should. It’s Holy Konni. It’s not just Holy Konni, it’s Holy Konni at his very best. Get hyped for summer people!
You can grab it here! Digital downloads are $3 and you can nab a physical copy for only $7!

1. Kate Moss Magic
2. Self Portrait 19
3. Vlieg Berg/Stop Nie
5. Natalie Reborn