Sunday, 28 October 2012

TWG003| Breakbeat Heartbeat- 22:06

Returning from his artistic slumber, Geordie Breakbeat Heartbeat re-instates his fantastic meld of wide-ranging electronic genres and sweetly melancholic melodies. Borrowing influences from a staggeringly diverse amount of sources, BBHB’s electro-chiptune contains hooks and enough beats to see you through the coming winter.
The atmospheres and styles change constantly in ’22:06’, BBHB’s most varied work to date, one minute the four-to-the-floor euphoric splendour of ‘Send Me To Sleep’, the next the slow and soft touch of ‘The Skies I’, and then later the chipbreak mayhem of ‘Radio’. Impressively though, this release sounds cohesively strong, linking all the tracks with not style but instead the very distinct melodic stylings present within this music.
The diversity of instrumentation is also something of note, featuring strings, pianos, guitar-like tones and multiple different electronic timbres. All of this equates to a thoroughly consistent and refreshingly vibrant and varied 12 tracks that never feels forced or difficult to listen to. Breakbeat Heartbeat has managed to create another blindingly addictive chip-pop opus, and we’re very glad to be giving it to you!

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1. Blue Paint
2. Send Me To Sleep
3. The Skies I
4. Before My Eyes
5. Music Box
6. Route 23
7. In The Trees
8. Galaxy Exchange
9. The Skies II
10. Radio
11. We Are
12. With The Moonlight