Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Thank You| TWG Turns One

Today TWG turns one. At a loss on how to ‘celebrate’ I thought I’d do a short thank you post to those I’ve worked with or have helped me or TWG over the last year. So, time to get soppy:

The scene: First and foremost, thanks to anyone reading this, anyone who has ever downloaded a TWG release or read one of my articles. Also a huge thanks to Jellica, Arnie ‘EGR’ Holder, Roboctopus, James York, n00bstar, bryface, Auxcide, Vincent Chang, Vegas Diamond and probably countless others I can’t remember right now for supporting the review side of TWG with either kind words or general niceness. Thanks also to the general nice guys in the scene who make working in it such a fucking pleasure: Kuma, SketchMan3 (I hope I’m forgiven for that PM haha), James Primate, Arnie ‘EGR’ Holder (he deserves two mentions), Andrew Gould, Mikee Teevee, Curtis Ware, Chad Roose,  Alex Wimmer, the community and everyone me and Alex have worked with on WeeklyTreats and Pxl-Bot. Again, there are countless more but space permitting and all that.

The TWG ‘Crew’: First off a massive thanks to Tommy Nicholson for the TWG typography and his continued support. Also, a huge thanks to the artists who have released with TWG for trusting me with their outstanding work; Düane ‘Starpilot’ Aberle, Jos van ‘Fauxhound’ Beek, Breakbeat ‘The Geordie’ Heartbeat, Jack Vanoudenaren, Tanner ‘turtlesaur’ Hughes and Michael ‘boaconstructor/The Cunt’ Bradley and anyone else with forthcoming releases (you know who you are ~secrets~). Likewise, thanks to anyone who sent in to have their stuff reviewed, and anyone else who contributed to content.

Holy Konni: for giving me a mattress on his floor when I visited for a week, and giving me a fucking amazing time in the beautiful Sweden (when I wasn’t asleep). Also thanks for putting up with my borderline-worrying inability to pick up ANY of the language (though I still remember how to say “You fucking cunt”) and for your early support of Pxl-Bot, with both artwork and trusting us with your releases.

Victor Arce: for your continued supplying of outstanding artwork to TWG and Pxl-Bot, as well as your incredible support on WeeklyTreats, we literally would be but a shadow of our stature if it were not for your involvement, and for that WE thank you dearly. We are definitely lucky to have you.

Brandon Hood: for being old as shit and having a broken caps lock key. Also for being probably the nicest person in the scene, a huge pleasure to work with and an all-round legend of a man, and involving both me and TWG in the freight train of progress that is the Chiptune=Win project. I literally cannot wait to meet you in person.

Alex Kelly: My silent partner and genuine brother from another hoe, I would not be writing this if it weren’t for him, in literally every way possible. For those of you not in the know, Alex is the guy I started Pxl-Bot with, I run WeeklyTreats with and who supported both actively and passively the continuation of TWG. Anyone who has released on Pxl-Bot (especially), TWG or worked with us on WeeklyTreats owes this man something. Also thanks for our business lunches. Seriously, shit goes down when Alex & Andy are having a business lunch (WeeklyTreats is the direct product of a two hour conversation in Subway).

So, to another year~~~

Andrew K