Friday, 28 June 2013

Week #26| A Art- beingscareoflivingyourlife

Week 26, and we've reached the half way point! To celebrate LTC's gone all pastel whilst we're bringing you a track from the fantastic (and hugely multi-talented) A Art! Grab the track here

WT: First up, how did you originally come into contact with the chipmusic scene?

A Art: Forums! Everyone started on the forums right? I was technically introduced to it by my good friend but only got into the 'scene' via the forums. I then moved to Melbourne where there is actually a physical scene! By that point I'd already been in contact with quite a few of the people in it though.

WT: You have at least two aliases, could you talk us through them, how they all started and what influenced their creation please?

A: 'Futurnari' was my first chip alias and was all instrumental chip, 'A art' was basically when I started adding vocals. The sounds were so different I thought they deserved different monikers!
Futurnari was started simply by being introduced to chip by a good friend. I began listening to a lot of chip artists and deciding what I liked. Shortly after I began creating my own music. I was heavily influenced by little-scale and Alex Mauer to begin with and took on many more influences as I explored other chip artists, different hardware and my own sound as a writer.
A art was initially influenced by an Australian artist called Rites Wild. I really wanted to make some droney synth music. I had no synths, drum machines or money to buy them with so continued working with my trusty Gameboys. I had just been through a big break up and moved countries so I had no job or house. I spent a lot of time at my sister’s house alone and created A art.

WT: What other artists influence your music, especially your WeeklyTreat track?

A: I think I wrote this song when I was listening to a bit of r'n'b. I was really into 'channel orange' (Frank Ocean) at the time and was listening to a lot of a Melbourne artist called Oscar Key Sung. In terms of music in general and not just the one song I listen to a lot of poppy stuff as well as a lot of garage and slacker type things.

WT: You’ve played Soundbytes before, how did this come about?

 A: I met Kristy and Eugene of Soundbytes on initially. I let them know I was moving to Melbourne and was excited to meet them and the rest of the Melbourne chip crew in person! After joining them at a Blip listening party as well as hanging out and dancing at a couple of Soundbytes they asked me to play one! I was super stoked and really enjoyed it; they asked me back to another one as well as asking me to play their new festival Square Sounds which was also suuuper awesome.

WT: Could you tell us a bit about what went into creating last years Raiment?

A: Raiment is essentially about getting over my break up (from the last e.p haha) and meeting a girl. I was listening to a lot of High Places album 'Original Colors' and also had my mind blown by Virgo Four at a festival so those contributed heavily to the e.p. I was getting more into vocal effects and darker sounds as well as bangin' kick drums. It was still all totally bedroom produced by myself. Zach may have mastered it actually. I know he did the cover art which I really like.

WT: Any upcoming releases you can fill us in on?

A: Unfortunately I have no releases planned. I play in a few bands and am currently focusing on getting some releases out with them. I'm also busy trying to brew beer and am going to Berlin for a couple of months soon so haven't been finding time to write for A art. I am really glad I was asked to release a track for this though because it's forced me to make time. Thanks!

WT: Could you tell us a bit about these other bands?

A: Yeah! My band I spend the most time with is called Scotdrakula . It’s kind garage rock stuff that I make with a couple of good friends of mine. The other band I'm doing quite a bit with is called Zone Out which is way more chill dreamy stuff but is super fun because I'm also good friends with those kids!

WT: Are there any plans for a continuation of Futurnari?

A: I have no plans for anymore Futurnari stuff at the moment! I had a plan a while ago but good never get a commodore64 to work... very annoying.

WT: What lies in the future for A Art? Any solid plans?

A: As for A art I also have no plans! I suppose my solo things are slipping under the radar as my bands pick up momentum. It's always easier to do stuff when there are multiple people reminding you to do it. But hey this is a reminder for my solo things so you never know what will happen!