Saturday, 22 June 2013

Review Through Haiku #1

Here are a series of reviews for singular tracks written in the form of a Haiku. Why? Because I wanted to. It will literally take a minute to read, but hope you enjoy. Also remember to check out the tracks!

Only one Gameboy,
How the actual fuck man,
We may as well quit.

Singing like Daft Punk,
But like Michael Bublé too,
It's an odd mixture.

Not like his old stuff,
Sounds much like the music from,
The game Receiver.

So fucking cheesy,
Who was in charge of the 'beat'?
They should be fired.

Rather boring song,
Tagged on Soundcloud as party,
I'm standing still though.

Special thanks to Tom Barber for both being my boi and for double checking this.