Saturday, 18 May 2013

Review| Xetryz- Overflowing Emotions

The speed at which electronic music can transition from composition to release is unparalleled. As a result, new composers often fall into the trap of releasing too much, too fast, and with too little attention paid to detail. Xetryz’s most recent release, ‘Overflowing Emotions’, is also his third since February of this year, and suffers from these afflictions considerably.

Mixing trance composition, house and chiptune together, Xetryz has managed to compose some substantial tunes, but tunes which are ultimately let down by their production. Nowhere is this more obvious than on the album opener, ‘On A Journey’, where the hooky and hugely layered summer-tinged motif is drowned out over poorly mixed counter-melodies. Elsewhere, prominent melody phrases obscure ‘Telling A Story’s seapunk vibes and the climactic moments in ‘Uplifting Spirits’ sound messy and lifeless.

Other parts of the release also sound rushed; some of composition, like the complete halt to momentum in the middle of ‘On A Journey’ or the grating repetition in ‘Telling A Story’ and ‘Uplifting Spirits’, sounds slapdash and, contrary to the album’s title, superficially void of emotion.

There are good points though. The instrument choices on the whole are great, and along with the melodies they create a summery vein which runs throughout the release. The trancechip euphoria of ‘On A Journey’ is definitely the releases’ highlight, and ‘Telling A Story’ has some great seapunk melodies hidden behind its garish production.

Overall, the album has some great melodies, but their presentation musically tends to dampen their effect. Whilst moments hit home, mostly in the first half of the release, other parts stutter around helplessly, hiding the pearls underneath unfinished and rushed production. ‘Overflowing Emotions’ is a promising, but ultimately flawed piece of work. 

Favourite track: On A Journey

1. On A Journey
2. Telling A Story
3. Uplifting Spirits