Sunday, 21 April 2013

TWG005| boaconstructor & turtlesaur- Step Your Game Up

Bringing you two rising stars from Washington on one killer release, TWG is hugely proud to present ‘Step Your Game Up’ by boaconstructor and turtlesaur.
Despite being the label debut for Boa and turtlesaur’s first appearance here on TWG, both still brought their A-game. Featuring the first LSDJ work to be released on TWG, boaconstructor (Michael) and turtlesaur (Tanner) meld the history of chiptune into EDM anthems crafted especially for the dance floor and DJ booths. Featuring three versus tracks and a solo venture each, the pair ventures far into the realms of foot-moving mayhem.
Boa’s solo track, ‘Muzzle’, reeks of swagger in its house meanderings, whilst turtlesaur’s own ‘Pyramid Bouncer’ melds Chipzel-esque frantic melodies with cyberpunk beats. The split tracks, however, are in a league of their own. Mixing aggressive tones with the last 5 years of electronic music, the Washington duo have really re-set the bar for the range of sounds that can be spat from a Gameboy.
New York, Step Your Game Up. 

Artwork by the gorgeous Love Through Cannibalism <3
Grab the album HERE.

1. I Am Your Drug Dealer
2. Step Your Game Up
3. Pyramid Bouncer
4. Muzzle
5. Thunda Boltz