Friday, 6 July 2012

TWG001| Starpilot- Ragged Smile [TWG IS LIVE]

The Waveform Generator’s debut release comes in the form of Starpilot’s magnum opus, ‘Ragged Smile’. For the first time in his musical career as a chiptune artist, one which has been vibrant and busy, having appeared on over three separate labels this year alone, Starpilot has upped his game and produced a full length chiptune album utilising vocals and guitar to expand and revitalise the sound of this already versatile musician.
Starpilot takes influence from artists such as Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine and Syd Barrett to create a visceral blend of alternative rock, post-punk and psychedelic music supported and enriched with chiptune sounds and samples, covering systems from Gameboys to Commodore 64s.
Starpilot’s lyrics embody everything from political grievances to the importance of love, both delivered with a satisfyingly emotional input. The lyrics also serve as anchor points to weigh down and emphasise the more experimental portions of the album, giving a new spur of life to Starpilot’s already well-established grip on noise and Avant-grade musings.
Featuring such a huge level of attention paid to the smallest of details, and having been worked on for two years and including only the most eclectic choices from the sessions, this is Starpilot’s defining point as an artist, and the strongest possible release for our label’s launch. On a personal note I’d like to add I enjoyed every second of working with Duane to put this release out, and consider myself, and this label, extremely lucky to be the ones showing you this astonishingly realised piece of work!

Grab the release here at the TWG Bandcamp!

01. Only Sickly On The Outside
02. Branch Canopies And Sunshine
03. Let Us Make Bliss
04. Out The Blinding Line
05. Nomad Planet
06. Togetherest
07. The Sun Is Love
08. Annulus
09. Worldwide Coma
10. Stumble Crumbly Crumb
11. Gnarl
12. The Air Is Bright
13. Kiss Kiss Caress
14. The Generator
15. The One Thing You Cannot Replace
16. Moonwalking On A Porcupine

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