Friday, 8 August 2014

TWG017| aviel - gorilla_tears ep

The first in our final splurge of releases comes in the form of a label debut for LPGT Hip-Hop / R&B producer aviel brown, giving us a tight 5 track EP that seeps emotion in tomes. 

From the opening, tear-inspiring tones of 'sony' (be careful with this song, if you're  looking at anyone whilst it plays it's likely sony's melody will make you fall in love with them), gorrila_tears rolls like liquid from speakers, a soppy emotional mesh of sampled voices, Holy Konni-esque tones and tears. From the jazzy groove and ballad tones of 'sleep_well' to the almost orchestally infulenced throes of passion seen in the title track, gorrila_tears is immensely well crafted throughout.

Mixing jazz, hip-hop and R&B in equal measures, aviel sounds both recognizable and totally unique simultaneously. Fitting into TWG's remit of emotional esotericism, making this a release we're incredibly excited to be setting off our countdown to closing. And if it's the last thing we do, aviel brown will be realised for what he is: a fucking musical genius who can push out more emotion then most.

Grab the release here.

01. sony
02. sleep_well
03. ...(  -._ - )...
04. rosemary
05. gorilla_tears
06. sony (ancient gods version) [Bonus Track]

All songs mastered by Jesse Martin 
Cover art written by Victor Arce